Monday, November 28, 2011

Flower Bow

In case you haven't noticed I don't like to follow all the rules and like to learn new things and then add or change them a little. Sometimes if i don't know how to do something I just try because the worst thing that could happen is I do it wrong and learn from my mistake. So today I spent the whole day in my craft office, I call it craft office because I am suppose to do actual work in here. the key word there is suppose. Well, today I wanted to do something different with the 3D Bows cartridge, I did, I made the ugliest bow ever, and recorded me doing it. It is now deleted, you will never see it. So after looking at it and deciding what was so bad, I thought I could make a flower if I just changed it a little. So that is what I am showing you today, I made 3 flowers. After looking at them I also decided they could be ornaments for a Christmas Tree, the red one would be very pretty on a tree.

 Ok, so here they are and a video to show you how I made the pink one.  I also have the cut file to use in Cricut Craft Room you can download that here.