Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cricut Craft Room Free Ornament

Yes the title does say free, I created this in the FREE craft room basics cartridge, Cricut craft room is free to everyone, and they have a cartridge in it for FREE. I made a couple of different ornaments to just give you a few ideas, I think mine really could be better but I didn't think much about it, I just did it. I know you can do better than me! I should of added more ribbon, I think, I am going to make more but wanted to share this cut file with you, so you can also make some.

If you are not sure how to use, or download and upload a cut file, please visit There you can download Cricut Craft Room and watch a video on how to upload and download, and get many more cut files.

I will be hosting a challenge with these. Starting next week. So download and make at least one, the cut file has 9 for you on a 12 by 12 mat, if your mat is smaller just delete some. In the challenge you can use them however you want, you can just make one and decorate a little, or make a banner, or card or layout, really anything you want, and then link up a picture. The winner will be drawn at random. The only rule is to have fun!

Here are some I made. Don't forget to watch the video, lots of ideas in the video too, and you can see how I made most of these. I put glossy accents on a few, but don't like how it turned out, I was trying to make the look of glass ball, next time I won't do that.

Here is the video!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Flower Bow

In case you haven't noticed I don't like to follow all the rules and like to learn new things and then add or change them a little. Sometimes if i don't know how to do something I just try because the worst thing that could happen is I do it wrong and learn from my mistake. So today I spent the whole day in my craft office, I call it craft office because I am suppose to do actual work in here. the key word there is suppose. Well, today I wanted to do something different with the 3D Bows cartridge, I did, I made the ugliest bow ever, and recorded me doing it. It is now deleted, you will never see it. So after looking at it and deciding what was so bad, I thought I could make a flower if I just changed it a little. So that is what I am showing you today, I made 3 flowers. After looking at them I also decided they could be ornaments for a Christmas Tree, the red one would be very pretty on a tree.

 Ok, so here they are and a video to show you how I made the pink one.  I also have the cut file to use in Cricut Craft Room you can download that here.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Rosette Card

Today I am honored to be a guest designer on Exploring Cricut Blog. I just purchased the Ribbons and rosettes cartridge on Thanksgiving, along with a lot of you getting it on Black Friday.
So I thought I would share this project with you. It does a lot more than rosettes, actually I was debating between this cartridge and the Elegant Edges and decided Ribbons and Rosettes also has elegant edges and can use them in the same way in the Cricut Craft Room.
The card is 4.25"x 5.5" The 4 rosette pieces are cut at 1.5" and are on page 28 of the hand book but I altered it just a bit by adding trees to the middle of the cut. You can download the free cut file here. I also used the Cuttlebug snowflake folder.

Watch this video to see how I put the rosette together, I did not use a scoring board for the rosette, see how I scored it and folded it at the same time, using cricut tools.

Watch this video to see how I put the card together and I used the Martha Stewart scoring board as a cutting board, works great and is always straight.
Check out a challenge at Hiding in my Craft Room blog.

3D Bows

I did it! I bought my first digital cartridge. 3D Bows, I love making the 3D items from paper.

I like the idea of being able to make my own bows out any paper, and I think I could make them out of stiffened fabric. Here is the one I made, I did what I thought looked like the hardest one but was not hard you just have to get the hang of it, how to bend the paper the right way. I added white ribbon to mine. I cut it at 9" and it made a bow about 4"x4".

Here is the cut file.

Here is a video to show you how to purchase a digital cartridge, it is very easy but some people are intimidated at the thought so I thought I would show a video to see how easy it is. You may need to update your machine so I also that in this video.

This next video shows how to make the bow.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping for Cricut

Here is a video of some of my shopping haul. after I made this video 2 more cartridges were delivered, Fathers Day and Cake Everyday Sampler I purchased at Cricut for only $12.45 last week.  At our Walmart there were only 6 Imagine machines for $187, I did not get one, I am happy with my E2. At Menards there were a ton of Expressions in colors I have never seen, for only $119. and then a lot of Cricut Lite carts, watch the video to see what I got.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Challenge #8 3 Birds on Parade

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA

Here was the challenge:
Ladybug said...
I would LOVE to see something/anything you can do w/ 3 Birds on Parade ---- in the fashion of a group of li'l birdies doin' something. Maybe as a card or LO, or???? :-) 

Here is her blog. Thank You for the Challenge. You will be in the drawing for the free cartridge.

I did not do her challenge totally so I will do another but I needed to make a birthday card for my boyfriends mom, her birthday was today on thanksgiving, So I thought I would use the 3 birds because of the challenge, and I have not used it yet.

Here is the cut file for the birthday card, if you own 3 Birds on Parade you will be able to cut with this in the Cricut Craft Room.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peace on Earth

Here is another Christmas card I made, I used Beyond Birthdays cricut cartridge. I also used the cuttlebug to emboss the metalic white paper and used glitter white paper for dove and phrase. The inside was a wood stamp, that I also used on the pet Christmas cards. the card is 4.25 by 5.5 and each layer I did .5 inches shorter for each layer to show .25 inch border for each color.
Here is the cut file for Cricut Craft Room, you can download and to make it easy to do the card and not look for the images to create the same card. You will need to own Beyond Birthdays to cut this file.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas Cards with Pets

I used the Cricut Craft Room and Four Legged Friends and Winter Woodland cartridges for this. My dog Mandi and our cat Zack are the stars of the cards.I used white flocking on the hats and glitter glue on the card and a snowflake embossing folder with my cuttlebug.

There are 2 videos along with this the first one is just how I put together the dog and cat and the second one is making of the Christmas card, and shows the inside and back of card.

I have the cut file for download. The dog and cat with the hats are on one mat layer and the parts of the card on another, so you can cut out just one of them if you like.

This video will show you how to put the pieces of the animals together.

 This video will show you how to put the card together and everything that was used.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Shopping Haul Time

Here is a shopping haul vieo, I have not done one for a while but my car just drove right into Hobby Lobby's parking lot instead of home, I think it was confused. When I got home there were 2 boxes waiting for me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pinwheels!!! FREE cut file

Ok, so last night during the launch party on facebook for the Cricut Mini, we were talking about the pinwheels and I said I thought I could make them with the free Cricut Craft Room Basics Cartridge that everyone already has in the CCR (cricut craft room). I am happy to say I did it! It took a few times because they don't have a triangle in that cart that I was thinking of using, but I finally did a very pretty one that will make great Christmas pinwheels. Watch the video I show step by step and have great ideas how to use them at Christmas.

Here is the cut file you can download. Don't forget all the other files I have available on the Free cut file page.With this pinwheel file you do NOT need to purchase any cartridge. It is done using the FREE Cricut Craft Room Basics cartridge in the program, you already own it.

I have a video to show you how to download and upload files for the CCR on this page.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Star Ornament

Ok, so this afternoon I was experimenting and made a star ornament. This was the first one, I will make the next one better. Here is the cut file for Cricut Craft Room for stars with a hole to hang them.

 Here's a video.

From the Official Cricut Facebook

At this time, cartridges that have been linked to a Gypsy cannot be directly linked to a account. We will soon announce how you will be able to transfer all the cartridges that are linked to your Gypsy to your account in one simple action.
When you purchase a digital cartridge from Cricut Craft Room, this cartridge will be added to your Gypsy the next time you connect it to Cricut Sync. For new images, you may need to wait for a Hello Thursday update in order for it to appear on your Gypsy. If you have ever had your Gypsy replaced for warranty or if you own more than one Gypsy, you may want to contact Cricut Support to make sure that the cartridge is shared with the correct Gypsy.

Linking Cartridges
Cartridge Linking is a new feature available in Cricut Craft Room. When you link a cartridge, the images on that cartridge will be unlocked in your account. You will no longer have to physically plug that cartridge into your machine to cut from Craft Room. Your Cricut machine may require a firmware update in order to access cartridge linking.

A cartridge can only be linked to one account. You DO NOT have to link a cartridge if you do not desire. You can click "Continue" to cut your project without linking the cartridge. If you do not link your cartridges, you will be prompted every time you cut to insert your cartridge.

If you do link a cartridge to your account, you will still be able to cut with the cartridge outside of Cricut Craft Room if you insert the physical cartridge—similar to a cartridge after it has been linked to a Gypsy.

Minimum firmware requirements:
Imagine: 117
Expression 2: 43
Expression/Cake: v2.43
Create/Cake Mini: v1.61
Personal Cutter: v1.40

To link a cartridge to your account, follow these steps:

1) Log in to Cricut Craft Room with your account.
2) Create a project, click Cut and select your device.
3) View the Preview screen and adjust settings if desired. Click Cut again
4) Insert the cartridge into your Cricut machine as Craft Room prompts.
5) When the cartridge is detected, click Link Cartridge.
6) Read the End User License Agreement and click I Accept, Link Cartridge. Craft Room will then link your cartridge to your account.

Next time you use your Craft Room account to cut images from that cartridge, you will notice a green "link" in the Cartridges Used list. You will now be able to cut images from the linked cartridge without physically plugging it into your Cricut!

Bookmarking Cartridges
When you Bookmark a cartridge or image set, those images will be added to the Bookmarks filter. You can then use the Bookmarks filter to view those images.

When you bookmark a cartridge, IT IS NOT AUTOMATICALLY LINKED TO YOUR ACCOUNT so that you can cut without the physical cartridge. To link a cartridge, follow the instructions for Cartridge Linking.

Make sure you have the latest software and firmware updates
Please make sure that you have installed the latest Cricut Craft Room update and latest firmware associated with your Cricut machine for the best design experience.

Cricut Craft Room: 103 (build or version)

Latest machine firmware:
Imagine: 0117
Expression 2: 0056
Expression/Cake: v2.43
Create/Cake Mini: v1.61
Personal Cutter: v1.40
Cricut Mini: 21

Updating the Original Cricut Personal Cutter to v1.40 firmware
Some of the oldest Original Cricut Personal Cutters simply do not have the internal componentry to communicate with the latest technology in Cricut Craft Room. You can still use these machines to cut with Cricut Craft Room, you just can't use these older machines to link cartridges to your Cricut Craft Room account. We are diligently working on possible solutions, but if your Original Cricut Personal Cutter will not update to v1.40 FW, you will not be able to link your cartridges using that machine.

Some Imagine users may experience some problems with Cricut Craft Room cutting with Cricut Imagine machines. We are working on resolving these problems as quickly as possible. Please check back for update

Cricut Craft Room

Cricut Craft Room Is FREE and open to everyone! You must have a Cricut cutting machine to use it. If you do not have a Cricut today is your lucky day, tonight on HSN , 11:00pm central time, the release of the new Cricut-mini will be here. It is the first Cricut machine to cut regular size paper, 8.5" x 11". It is going to be very affordable,$159.95 but on HSN it's $ also get a $25 gift card to 4  payments of $32.48

Provo Craft is doing a lot of great things and have given us a free cartridge to use in the Craft Room. They have also come out with digital cartridges and 20 new Craft Room exclusive cartridges. Right now the digital catridges available, I think, are retired cartridges so some of those hard to find ones I wanted are now available. Thank You Provo Craft.

You can download my cut files here, you will also see I have a video on that page to teach you how to do it, it's easy.
If you have not used CCR there are great tutorial videos in the program when you open it just click on tutorials. I also have tutorial videos to show you how, they are posted below. If you still have a question let me know I will do another video to show you anything, I can't read minds just ask.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ribbon Holder Challenge

Hi everyone! Thank You to all of my followers, I have had almost 1000 downloads of my ribbon storage cut file. So I thought I would start a Challenge!

1. Download the cut file and make a ribbon holder of your own. Go to the Free cut files page.
2. Join this site at the top, if you are not a follower already.
3. Link a picture of the ribbon holder, can be with or with out ribbon in it.  Decorate it as you like.
4. Live in the continental US for free shipping of prize.
5. (optional) Get an extra chance to win! Link this post in your post to tell other about the challenge.  Leave me comment saying you did.
You have until Sunday November 20th at midnight central time.

The winner will be drawn at random.

The prize is this ribbon holder with all the Christmas ribbon in it. This was 9 brand new ribbon rolls just purchased at Michael's for you.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Free Cut File Page

I decided to organize my cut files, so they will be easier to find. I added a page (look up- no not at your ceiling- at the top of your computer screen, but below the header picture.) I will be adding more, and I will also take suggestions.
On that page you will see a video to show how to download and then upload to CCR. If you still have questions you can email me I have worked with a few people, step by step, and they did understand it and get it to cut. I also have a Paypal button at the bottom of the page that is totally optional, I was just thinking if I had $1 for every file that has already been downloaded I could offer the best blog candy ever. There has been over 900 downloads so far. But feel free to download for free, I can't see who downloads them.
Thank You for reading.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Let's Fight Cancer

I decided the last card I made was not very nice, so I decided to make this card still using some of the same images. Pink Cricut helped me with this one, I used the Jasmine Cricut Cartridge and the Cricut Craft Room to weld the letters together, and the Indie Art cartridge you make the images on the inside. The "Let's knock it out" on the inside I did on my computer. The ribbon on the front is removable and can be worn. It is attached with a magnet,( see video) you can take the magnet off the back of paper and then there is a magnet glued to ribbon, you can put the back magnet on inside of shirt and will stick to ribbon with no holes in shirt.

Please subscribe or join this site if you like my crafts and share with friends on facebook twitter or Google+ at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few pics and a very short video just showing the card.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Challenge #7 Indie Art Cartridge

Challenge me #7 Indie Art card.

Here was the challenge:
Anonymous said... Nice card! You did a great job capturing the idea behind the cartridge! Thanks for sharing your ideas and talents. I would like to see a card made with Indy Art.

If you want a chance to win the Paper Doll Dress Up cart, challenge me, click here to see original post.

I love this cart so I did it. I am not sure who you would give this too but my guess is an ex-husband or ex-boyfriend or maybe to a friend on April Fool's Day.

I also have a cut file for Cricut Craft Room if you would like to download, click here.

Here is a video to show how I put it together. 

I entered this into the boy crazy challenge at BBTB2

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ribbon Storage Challenge Coming

Thank you to for putting my project in the Chirp Newsletter.  I have had an overwhelming amount of people to my blog and wanting to download the file. Here is the file. If you have trouble getting it let me know I can email it to you if you email me asking for it. You will need George and Basic Shapes Cricut cartridge to cut it. I can also design one with any cartridge that has squares or rectangles, maybe in a shadow image.
Here is the cut file to use with Accent Essentials if you do not have George and Basic shapes.

Please become a follower of my blog. I will soon post a challenge using the ribbon holder, where you can link a picture of the one you made.

Here is a short video to show you how to download and upload.

Here is a video to show you how to get it together after you cut it.
Here is a link to my original post.

Challenge #6 Pagoda

Here is the challenge I was given:
Alicia Pettus said... How about a vintage poster promoting the far east with the Pagoda cartridge.
Im really enjoying your interpretation of these challenges. Keep up the good work.!

So this is my project, I'm not sure if it's vintage maybe if I roughed up the edges and inked it up a bit, but I like it this way. It says Believe, Love, Dream, Prosperity. I  used the Pagoda cartridge in the Cricut Craft Room on my E2. If you would like the cut file for ccr I will be happy to share, let me know.

If you would like to challenge me and a chance to win a free Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge then click here for rules.

Monday, November 7, 2011

This card is for all my followers.

Thank You to all my followers!
This is a Thank You card, made with American Alphabet installed on my E2 Cricut. I also used the Cricut Craft Room  to widen the base shape. I used sparkle tulle to make the bow and added some glossy accents. The paper I used for the word Thank You was on glitter paper but hard to see in pics.I did this to enter into the challenge for Paper Playtime.

Connors Birthday Card

This is just a simple card for my nephew who is turning 7, he is in boyscouts this year, so i used the Campin' Critters cartridge, boy, I am getting my moneys worth out of this cartridge, I didn't think I would use it much.

My next project will be a Challenge Me project from Pagoda.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Campin' Critters Challenge

Curt Jensen the creator of Campin' Critters and the Cricut Vinyl dolls is having a challenge. :) Here is his blog with the details.

Here is my entry. If this is not Campin' Critters I don't know what is. I made backpacks and a tent and a background with the fishing Deer, the Sun and the Owl in the tree. This was a fun project, I really like this cartridge, next I need to make a card for my nephew with this cartridge.
I did it in the Cricut Craft Room, I love that software. I used a 12x24 mat.
I cut the mountain scene out at a Height of 15" turned on it's side, so it is 15" wide and 11.48" tall.
Sun was cut out at 3.5" tall.
Owl was 1.597" tall.
Fishing deer was cut at 1.375"tall.
Tent was cut at 15.55" tall. Watch video to see how I did the tent.
I cut the river section longer than it was suppose to be and added more paper so we could not see the end of the river. I also used glossy accents in river and on fish, on the sun and in owls eye and on telescope. It's hard to see in the pictures but the mountain tops are done in glitter paper.

 Here is a video to show how to make the tent.

Here is a link to my post about the Backpacks and a video to show how I made them.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cricut Vinyl's Backpacks

I made back packs for my cricuts using the Campin' Critters cartridge, I cut the backpack at 2". This is just the beginning, my cricuts wanted to go camping so I am making the rest of the scene too. So make sure to come back for the next post to see the rest.
I made a video to show how you can make your own back packs for your cricuts. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Updated Ribbon Storage Video.

When I was making the first video for the ribbon storage I decided to change the cut file for Cricut Craft Room to make it a little more sturdy. So if you downloaded the cut file and watched the old video they did not match totally. So here is the new video. And here is the cut file for CCR. I used the George and basic Shapes. The cut file has NOT changed since I first released it so if you have downloaded it it will be the same.