Monday, October 10, 2011


I did a few paintings yesterday and thought I would share. I used my new Birthday Cakes Cart I won from Curt Jenson's blog. Yes, I said I used the birthday cartridge in my painting. I also used Cricut Craft Room. Cricut is not just for scrapbooking you know. I actually have never scrapbooked in my life. Well, anyway I used the font to cut contact paper and put on my painting then I painted over it and pulled the letters off while the paint was still wet, with the help of my cricut tool, a spatula, now it's a pink and black spatula.

I used the Cricut Craft Room and the 12x24 mat. I also found the best cuts for contact paper are speed 3 pressure 2 and blade 4. The saying came from a picture I saw at Hobby Lobby, I thought I can make that and took a picture of it in the store. Here is the Cricut Craft Room file. Here is the Gypsy File I did this in CCR so if you download the gypsy file you made need to tweek it a little.

I painted the background on the 16x20 canvas before I applied the words.
Here is the finished painting.

Here is the second painting I did yesterday.