Friday, September 9, 2011

To: Michaels weekly Ad

50% Off Cuttlebug really? I just bought mine for 40% off the other day and you made me travel to find one, and bought the last one at that store and you didn't know when you are getting anymore. So you put it on sale to draw people in when you don't have any, even though you have that empty box on the shelf that says clerk will get it for you, they come back empty handed  I'm happy I can buy more cuttlebug folders but I have not even opened the ones I bought at 40% off yet.

Cricut Cartridges are on sale for $29.99? We will have to see what you have, but I don't think I need any right now I have not used all the ones you made me buy at $19.

Scrapbook storage 50% off? I just bought some at 40% off. I am running out of room, you have to stop with these sales.

60% Off Artists Canvas? You do know how I love to paint but how many do you think I need I buy them at 50% off so I have quite a few, I need to start painting more if you are going to have them that cheap.

20 foam brushes for $1 do I really need that many? No, but I might buy a few dollars worth. Damn you Michaels!

Open stock paper 6 for $1 I have too much of that now. Stop with the sales, you make me buy more of what I already have.

Enough Already with the coupons and sales!

And a lesson learned to everyone never pay full price at Michaels, it will be on sale soon.