Monday, September 19, 2011

OMG! Michaels Stop Taking My Money Haul

I have been trying to lose weight and I think instead of going out to eat we go shopping for crafts, this really must stop. I'm glad I don't use credit cards or I could really be in trouble. Here is the video, it starts at Michael's Store.

Because of this post, my friend Marla has made me return to Michaels, she lives in Iowa, I in Illinois, and her Michaels or Joanns does not have the Dinosaur cart and so told me I had to go back and get it for her. Well, she has told me earlier this week that she had some duplicate cuttlebug folders she was going to give me. So, I had no choice but to do something for her. I called her from the store to tell her what other carts were there and she talked me into buying the Speaking of Fall cart for me and she wanted one too. So I did get the Speaking of Fall added to my shelf now my cartridge shelf is full maybe I will quit getting some for a while. We will see...