Monday, September 5, 2011

Michaels Shopping Haul ( made me a little angry)

I go to Michaels cause they lured me in with a 50% off coupon good for only 2 days and find lots of good deals, including the Cuttlebug for 40%off so I pick up the Empty Box, it says ask store associate to get it for me. Really? Why did they think I was going to steal this big box somehow, maybe under my shirt? You think? Anyway I get up to pay for it and she has to go get it from the back. Comes back empty handed. They are out! So I got a raincheck, but she says it could be 3-4 weeks cause they do not have any on order right now. So I went online and do not see where Michaels sells anything you just get to see whats in the store? Do they know it's 2011?

Here is my Shopping Haul