Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Blog Blog Blog

I haven't posted anything on my blog lately, but I have been working on my blog. as you can see my blog has changed a little in the past few days. I wanted a new great banner like I was seeing on other blogs. I was just plain jealous. They were so cool. So I looked in to getting mine done professionally, I emailed someone and they said I need to get all the images and then she can put them together. I did not know where to get the images, someone told me to go to so I searched and finally found a woman that looked just like me. Yes, that's her the girl up there to the right with the red hair, it's like looking in the mirror. You know how they say inner beauty is what really counts... this is my inner beauty...this is what I look like on the inside. She is even a hair stylist, same as me, with texturizing shears in her hand, my favorite tool! How could this not be any closer to me?

Ok...Ok... back to the subject of my blog, I also have found some free software to download, I have had this on another computer and used it a little, but didn't know how to use it well, so I always tell everyone you can do anything you put your mind too. That takes me to Youtube, the site that makes us all teachers, the site you can learn to do anything you want. I have always wondered why people really make all these videos on EVERYTHING.
1)  it's fun to make videos and be the star.
2) Video editing for fun is a great hobby.
3) They get PAID!!! when you click on the ads in the video. (hint hint)
Yes, that's right, cash is involved, or at least direct deposit, who uses cash anymore? Did I get off topic again? Where was I?
Oh that's right free software to edit images. Here is the site to get the free download  for GIMP

How do you use Gimp? Not so easy when you 40 and know nothing about it , right? Back to Youtube here is a great channel on youtube she has some for beginners and not so beginners. Now I know how to easily edit my photos and can put me and my family in any city in any background, really easy. I can't wait to see what I create next.

So Do you see my banner above? How do you like it? Leave me a comment! (if you are a professional graphic designer I know you can do better, but this was my first try and I did not go you collage for this I went to youtube. So, give me a break)